Video & Photography


At Manifest Legends, our work is shaped by our perspective and our perspective is framed by you, the customer. The most fundamental medium to all that we do is Photography. There is not a more vital craft to our vision; our photographs are an integral part of all that we set out to accomplish.

That said, we also provide any number of photography services, large and small. We can provide photography for an important event - be it a wedding or a child's sporting event - or we can provide portrait photography services for any occasion.

Like everything else we do at Manifest Legends, our customer is our central focus. We attempt to communicate your legend through the medium of pictures, preserving moments and ideas forever.

We provide the following photography services:

  • Portrait & still photography for families, teams, pets, etc.
  • Event photography
  • Action photography
  • Website photography specific to a web development project
  • High Resolution, large-print photography
  • Landscapes and still macro closeups



Video is a medium that can be useful in many situations. Whether you are in need of a highlight video for a prospective collegiate athlete or are in need of an informational documentary for a non-profit organization, Manifest Legends is capable of seeing your project through from start to finish.

Our video team is adept in each step of the process, from shooting footage, to editing the finished product. We will even take footage and photography that you already have and polish them into a reel that will suit your needs.

We offer a variety of videography and editing services:

  • Video and custom film shoots
  • Production and video editing
  • Video conversion from analog to digital
  • DVD production with sub-menu creation and packaging
  • Video consultation and needs assessment